“sport+culture” offers consultancy to and projects for museums, universities, schools, sport associations and federations, clubs and sport event organizing committees.

Our company addresses all markets related to sport+culture. Sport culture encompasses sport as a cultural phenomenon, the socio-cultural background of sports and education through sport. The promotion and preservation of sport heritage, sport tradition and sport memory are the main fields of expertise of sport+culture.
Our company aims are the development and improvement not only of sport museums, halls of fame, clubs and federations, but also of small sport associations, needing to improve clubhouses or even the ambiance of restaurants or bars.
Our service starts with consultation, writing background text and collection of exhibits, through digital encoding of content (web, social media, mobile tools), publishing to exhibition design, museum planning and marketing (merchandise, outreach, return on investment). Our profound knowledge in these areas will be your key to success.

Every item directly or indirectly connected to sports, is of potential interest. This could be a trophy, a medal, a diploma, a pin, clothing, sports equipment, and even entrance tickets, videos, DVDs, tapes, photographs etc. A sports item should tell a story: a cyclist’s helmet or a football shirt in a show case seems boring, but if the helmet is broken and tells a story about preventing serious injury or the shirt was worn on a special situation by a famous player … it comes to life!
Sport is the best way to educate for life. Sport and physical education are based on such principles and values as fair play, multiculturalism, a balanced lifestyle, peace, environmental sensitivity and a striving for excellence. Through modern physical education programs, children, youth and adults can develop their motor and social competencies. Changes, challenges and innovation are part of the rapidly developing world. Continuous education is the most important factor towards a successful future participation.

Consult Sports

We believe …
… that particular needs request individual responses
… in a culture of sports with values of humanism
… not only in organized sports, but also in traditional games
… in the diversity of sports and games
… in the entity of body and mind
… in our competencies in the field of sport+culture  

→ We listen to you and follow your desires
→ We consult you personally → We consult (sport) communities
→ We consult in all areas of exhibit, collect and educate sports

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