Prof. Dr. Marcia De Franceschi Neto
General Manager
Endowed with an educational background her career always had been accompanied by the necessity to adapt her knowledge to market needs and current realities. The success of this international career got formed due to her strategic vision in defining long-term objectives and her capacity to solve problems especially in divers cultural environments.
Since more than 30 years she completes projects in private companies and governmental entities in areas like education, leisure, sports and museology. She holds a PhD in physical education, a Master in education and a second Master in leisure studies. Furthermore she published various academic papers and is the author of the international widely recognized book “Brazil goes Olympic”.



Massimiliano Lodi
Business Director
A highly experienced manager and effective global player, Massimiliano can bring immediate strategic value into projects since their inception. With 15+ years of progressive experience in International Project Management and an academic background in Social Sciences, Massimiliano can develop appropriate business models and strategic approaches tailored specifically on our client’s needs and aspirations.
In the past he extensively collaborated with Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (UAE), OMA – Rem Kolhaas (The Netherlands), Qatar Museums Authority (Qatar), Hasenkamp International Transportation (Germany), Jun Aoki and Associates architects (Japan) and many others.



Dr. Christian Wacker
Academic Adviser
Dr. Christian Wacker is an archaeologist and sports historian and received his Ph.D. for The Ancient Gymnasium in Olympia, at Würzburg University in Germany (1996). His main field of research is ancient sports history, but also 19th century and Olympic sports history. He organized around 30 sports exhibitions internationally during the last 15 years.
From 2005 to 2008, he directed the German Sports and Olympia Museum in Cologne and he had been the Director of the Qatar Olympic & Sports Museum in Doha, Qatar from 2008 to 2014. In 2014 he took over the responsibility to build a Museum Academy at the University in Freiburg, Germany. He had been teaching at universities in Germany and Brazil as well as at the International Olympic Academy in Greece and published 15 books and around 60 papers about sports history and archaeology. He is a member of various sports academic associations and the co-founder of the German Society for the History of Sports Science. Since 2012 he is Vice-President of the International Society of Olympic Historians, since 2014 President of Prolympo e.V. and since 2015 President of the German Pierre de Coubertin Committee as well as ordinary Board Member for the Sport Museum Switzerland.